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Gamelab Istanbul aims to raise a society that not only consumes but also produces technology. Mobile games are technological products that have become extremely popular today. However, its production in our country is extremely limited. Mobile Game Development Trainings are given by Gamelab Istanbul in order to increase the share of the mobile game industry, which has become a big sector in the world, to develop quality products and to increase the brand value of the country.
Senior Game Programmer
As a Senior Gameplay Programmer you’ll be working alongside the Desgin team to design and implement, exciting game features across a wide range of specialist areas like game mechanics, AI, input, UI .
Art Director
The art director at a game studio is responsible for reviewing all art assets for quality and continuity with the creative director’s vision. This person supervises teams of artists, animators, and designers from concept to ship date. He or she is ultimately responsible for the aesthetics of the finished game.

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